Warcraft Gold Making Handbook

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This is the secret diary of a filthy rich WoW Guild Master. Discover the shocking gold making secrets that will make you gold with just a few minutes of work, even when you are not online Learn how you can make staggering amounts of gold in World of Warcraft ... Without buying it online. Get ready to start building mind blowing amounts of gold, and prepare yourself for the fantastic success, popularity and respect that come with it Latest WoTLK strategies now included for you. In just a few minutes from now you can start learning how to make an average of 2,000 gold per day, every day, in just a few minutes of your valuable in game time. This is so simple that a baby can do it. Just think of a few things that having gold can get you the best BoE gear from Naxx, Malygos or Sartharion 25 the 8k gold epic rings from Dalaran all epic flying and ground mounts, including the Traveler s Tundra Mammoth you can stop skimping on the enchants and gems.. you could get the most expensive level 80 enchants that require Abyss Crystals and best gems for your brand new gear I got my 20,000g Mammoth in less then 3 days you can buy yourself arena boosting services with hardcore PvP ers, because for the right price, you can get a great arena rating Level your mains or alts 10 times faster with the best blue and epic items and start having real fun ...and you can begin right now That s right, it doesn t matter how experienced you are, how many characters you have or what level you are. You can start using the ultra effective gold tactics right now and be on your way to accumulating huge mounds of gold in just minutes of work

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