Ultrawave Guitar Tuner

Version 1.4

Ultrawave guitar tuner is a highly accurate two stage multiband tuner which is more stable than many other software or hardware guitar tuners. A reliable and accurate guitar tuner is a must have for any guitarist. Our guitar tuner lets you select a key and then shows you what note each string should be tuned too. There is a tuning bar that lets you know how much your note is out of tune, and whether you need to tune the string up or down. There is also a display panel that shows you what note your playing and the measured frequency of it. A built in monitor is included for easier tuning, as well as a level indicator and input volume knob. Features Tuning bar indicator Tune up down indicator Tuning key can be changed. Note and frequency display. 2 Stage frequency measurement. Fast frequency tracking. Built in monitor for easier tuning. Input level indicator. ASIO TM v2 is supported.

Ultrawave Guitar Tuner screenshot

Operating Sytem: WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP

Cost: Free

Size: 236 kb

Manufacturer: Ultrawave Multimedia Studios

Date Submitted: 2010-01-26

Downloads: 151