Registry Nerds PC Cleaner

Version 2010.09

PC Cleaner is professional Registry Cleaner, Windows 2000 XP Vista Compatible. Iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass... Does any of these error messages sounds familiar to you If you said yes, this means you have seen them enough times so you would remember them. And this means it s time for registry cleaner Yes, there is a good chance that your Windows registry needs repair and PC Cleaner from Registry Nerds will help you to make this process a breeze. Get a FREE SCAN TODAY Slowdowns, weird error messages, issues connected wiith Iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass. All these troubles are often caused by misconfigurations in the Windows registry. Over time they accumulate and clog the registry and slow your PC down. Simple diagnostic can prevent that. Another symptoms of registry problems are frequent freezes , programs that you tried to uninstall but are still around and sloggish computer. Registry Nerds PC Cleaner eliminates problems associated with ActiveX COM Add Remove Programs Application Path File Extensions Most Recently Used List Shared Folder Shared Libraries Shell Extensions Sounds and Application Events Startup Programs Windows Fonts Windows Resources PC Cleaner combines richness of features, simplicity and plenty of power to eliminate errors. It is a smart choice for people who value their time and need their computers run at best speed. PC Cleaner will inspect your registry and identify problematic entries and will repair them, bringing back your PC in good shape. If left unaddressed problems with iexplore, system32, DLL32, Kernel32, svchost, lsass can only get worse and lead to a complete crash and data loss, don t let that happen to you get a FREE SCAN TODAY

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Operating Sytem: WinXP,Windows2000,Win98,WinME,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,W

Cost: Free

Size: 1953 kb

Manufacturer: Tried Tool

Date Submitted: 2010-09-07

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