Joanas Horde Leveling Guide

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My Joana s WoW Cataclysm leveling guide contains the same strategies, questing patterns, techniques, and secrets I have used to get the best record time to level horde character to 85 on a new server, which is 4 days 20 hours played The realm I have achieved this on was the Jubei Thos server, and I am currently getting prepared to set new records for 1 85 More information about me and my horde leveling guide I either play a male character named Mancow or a female character named Joana. I have been first to 70 now on 6 different servers, one of my goals with World of Warcraft is to get to 85 on new servers with the least amount of played time possible, this means each time I went to 85 in WoW I have been revising my routes in order to achieve a better played time. So far my best time is 4 days 20 hours played time to 85, this was done on the Jubei Thos realm. I have this entire 4 day 20 hour run RECORDED, the whole thing is recorded and implemented into my guide I am now willing to share ALL my horde leveling strategies with you, I have put together a FULL comprehensive guide that explains how to power level a horde character. Here is what you are getting with this package Joana s 70 85 Cataclysm WotLK Guide Joana s 60 70 Step by Step Outland Guide Joana s 60 70 Outland Reference Guide Joana s Blood Elf Leveling Guide Joana s 1 60 Horde Leveling Guide The Complete 1 60 Edited Video By purchasing my product you will have FREE 1 85 horde leveling guide updates. World of Warcraft is a constantly evolving game, I update my members area on a continuous basis, so you can be assured that this guide will always be up to date.Whether you like soloing or grouping, this guide has you covered.

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