Freeraser a powerful tool for an unrecoverable destruction of digital information. Destroy your secrets for good, for sure, for free Do not keep sensitive information, destroy it An ordinary deleting of files isn t enough. Any software recovery tool can restore your deleted items. When you wish to delete any sensitive information, like industrial secrets or some unwanted content, you want to be sure that it will be deleted permanently. If you need to destroy any data and eliminate any possibility of its restoration you need a shredder . This software destroys the data before the deletion, using a complicated procedure of filling the actual content with random data. Freeraser can function on three levels a FAST destruction 1 round filling of random data , a FORCED destruction 3 rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M , and an ULTIMATE destruction 35 rounds of filling with data according to Gutmann method . It is obvious that the more powerful destruction is performed, the more rounds it takes and the more time it needs. Users can define the method that they wish to destroy their data with. Freeraser if you need to destroy files for good Freeraser if your information is sensitive Freeraser if your information in someone s hands may cost you more than the actual price of it Freeraser because it is free Freeraser everything you want to delete because it is safe Freeraser always, because a simple deletion of files in Windows does not destroy data. It simply marks this space on your media as empty. Any recovery tool will restore it. No installation is necessary, just download and run Drag n drop or simply select a file and Freeraser will destroy it without a possibility to recover the information

Freeraser screenshot

Operating Sytem: Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinServer,WinVista,WinXP

Cost: Free

Size: 1993 kb

Manufacturer: Codyssey.com

Date Submitted: 2009-06-28

Downloads: 728